Thursday, 10 September 2015

Past their Best-Before Date?

I recently read a study claiming that children are at their best around the age of five, and most difficult to be around between ten and twelve. So where does that leave me?

My youngest is six. So past his prime. Really? You mean it's downhill from now on in? Seems a bit unfair. And let's not even mention my eldest two kids - aged sixteen and eighteen. Apparently I've gone through the worst about six years ago. I think me and this particular "scientist" need a quiet chat. 

I'll spare you all the normal blurb about loving my kids, because to be quite honest, that's a given. I'd maybe challenge the often bandied around sentiment that they've made me whole. I think broken would be more accurate. I'm still trying to put all the pieces back together. Wine helps. 

Being a parent is 95% mediocrity - don't believe all you see on Facebook. But the remaining 5% (possibly) makes it all worth while. And this is my take on that 5%.

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